About Us Mediomics, LLC provides innovative ***** kits and biosensors needed by academic research laboratories, point of care testing, pharmaceutical companies, as well as medical and environmental research markets. These quick and simple ***** kits will be used to quantify many biologically and therapeutically important macromolecules, including DNA, biomarkers, hormones, antibodies, intracellular signaling molecules, protein-protein complexes, bacteria, fungi, and viruses. Mediomics currently holds four core proprietary technologies: Bridge-It®, a sensitive and rapid mix-and–measure DNA-binding protein ***** platform PINCER®, a rapid mix-and–measure biosensor, bio***** and biochip platform Innovative, proprietary methods to screen and develop new high-affinity capture reagents for research, diagnostic, and therapeutic use Anti-angiogenesis related therapies Our platform technologies have already been adapted for the detection of a range of important macromolecules, including cAMP, tryptophan, S-adenosyl methionine, PDE, biotin, insulin, C-peptide, albumin, C-reactive protein (hCRP), IgG, IgM, E. coli, and others. In addition, Mediomics’ platform technologies will be able to generate entirely new biomaterials, which can be used for ***** development as well as for the development of therapeutic products. Mediomics has successfully competed for a number of highly selective state and federal grants and subcontracts (nearly $6.5 million in total), with awards to date including SBIR Phase I and II grants from the National Science Foundation, STTR Phase I and II grants from the National Institutes of Health, subcontracts from the Department of Homeland Security, and a subcontract from the Leonard Wood Institute. Dr. Yie-Hwa Chang founded the company in August 2001 as a Missouri Limited Liability Corporation (LLC).


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