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转子 - 定子均质器

均质器包装套件 手持式均质机 数字均质机 台式均质机 发电机探头列表 偏转头 配件 - 支架和支架 Gen.探针更换零件


多功能快速均质器及配件 - 探头和支架 DPS-20双均化系统及配件


美国PRO PRO250大功率手持、台式两用均质器可选配多种快速连接转子,适应超大范围样品量。



美国PRO PRO250大功率手持、台式两用均质器产品特点:

1. 功率大、重量轻、速度快、扭矩高、噪音低

2. 可选配多种快速连接转子,适应超大范围样品量

3. 转子材料为高质量不锈钢,可进行各种****(热空气、高温高压、火焰、化学法等)

4. 可选配安全密封均质腔,保护操作者并避免样品被外界污染

5. 加配低温均质转子后,可扩大适用范围

美国Pro Scientific公司是一家专业的高品质匀浆器设计、制造和销售商。匀浆器应用广泛,对样品进行破碎、乳化、分散、混合、搅拌等处理时都会用到。针对不同的客户需求,Pro公司推出一系列产品,品种齐全,操作简便,经久耐用 。

The PRO Scientific Homogenizer Difference

PRO Scientific is a global leader in the manufacturing of homogenizers for both laboratory and industrial labs.  PRO homogenizer are able to homogenize various types of material, such as tissue, plant, food, soil, cosmetics and many others.

From micro sample volumes to larger multi-liter processing, there is a PRO Homogenizer to suit your needs. PRO Scientific even offers homogenizing solutions to address your automated multi-sample homogenizing and OEM homogenizer needs.

PRO Scientifics’ progressive innovation, product development and worldwide distribution expansion is a result of our reputation for quality homogenizer and laboratory products and superior customer service which has allowed for extensive growth for over the past 20 years. We manufacturer a superior homogenizing product for an array of industries and we have an extensive background in working with our customers to make sure they are getting the best setup to meet their needs.   PRO Scientific is the only homogenizer manufacturer to extend a 2-year warranty to both the homogenizer motor unit and homogenizer generator probe.

Not sure what PRO Homogenizer is right for you? We can help.

For information on selecting a homogenizer to best suit your needs check out our "Choosing a Homogenizer" page or contact us directly.

We know our customers have a lot of decision to make in their labs and we are here to assist them the best we can. That is why PRO Scientific now also distributes some basic pieces of high quality laboratory essentials.

All products manufactured and distributed by PRO Scientific are backed with years of technical experience and unmatched customer support.

Your Homogenizer and Lab Equipment Experts


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