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Spring Bioscience is creating working protocols for immunohistochemistry using our antibodies. In addition to the protocol recommendation in the datasheets of each antibody, here you will find protocols to some of our antibodies using the DISCOVERY XT ™.

Root Catalog Number Product Name
E128 CD34 (Endothelial Cell Marker)
E1345 AKT-1/PKB (phospho S473)
E1381 GLUT-1
E1650 CEA/CD66e
E1736 CD44 Std
E1737 CD44 Std
E1754 CD34 (Endothelial Cell Marker)
E1868 CD163
E266 Dystrophin
E266 Dystrophin
E297 CEA/CD66e
E341 Claudin-1
E341 Claudin-1
M306 Ki-67 (SP6)
M306 Ki-67 (SP6)
M307 CD3 (SP7)
M307 CD3 (SP7)
M320 Vimentin (SP20)
M336 Syntaxin 1A (SP36)
M336 Syntaxin 1A (SP36)
M337 CD44 Std (SP37)
M338 CD31 (SP38)
M338 CD31 (SP38)
M343 Caveolin-1 (SP43)
M343 Caveolin-1 (SP43)
M347 BAX (SP47)
M349 Stathmin (SP49)
M349 Stathmin (SP49)
M376 SOX-2 (SP76)
M376 SOX-2 (SP76)
M381 Calpain (SP81)
M381 Calpain (SP81)
M396 CD163 (SP96)
M398 CD278/ICOS (SP98)
M403 Nestin (SP103)
M405 J-chain (SP105)
M405 J-chain (SP105)
M408 IKAROS (SP108)
M415 F4/80 (SP115)
M415 F4/80 (SP115)
M422 SLIT2 (SP122)
M422 SLIT2 (SP122)
M518 PTEN (SP218)
M442 PD-L1/CD274 (SP142)


Spring Bioscience是一家专注于组织病理学和免疫组化的生物技术公司,公司总部位于美国加利福尼亚普莱斯顿。该公司有大量应用于IHC的兔单克隆抗体,同时也是将这些抗体引入市场的公司之一。所有SP克隆抗体都是Spring Bioscience设计生产的,SP克隆抗体凭借其高亲和性、灵敏度及特异性一直是同类免疫组化产品中*好的,多年以来Spring Bioscience的SP克隆抗体在实验室获得黄金标准的美誉。

Our Product Lines

Spring Bioscience - Antibodies


Spring Bioscience offers a list of Rabbit Monoclonal (SP Clones), Rabbit Polyclonal and Mouse Monoclonal primary antibodies. These antibodies are developed specifically for use in immunohistochemistry (IHC).

View ➞Detection & Ancillaries

Detection & Ancillaries

Spring Bioscience offers a complete line of detection systems and reagents optimized for use in immunohostiochemistry and are designed to meet the complex needs of research laboratories.

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Recombinant Protiens

Recombinant Proteins

Spring Bioscience offers a list of proteins expressed in E. coli. Depending on the protein, these can be either full length or partial sequence and are fused at the N-terminus wit GST/His-tag.

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Spring Bioscience-New Products

New Products

Spring Bioscience continuously innovates and releases new products throughout the year. We strive to increase our product offering while maintaining the high quality expected by our customers.

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Spring Bioscience是专给国际知名品牌代工的全球性抗体公司之一,它的一抗有三种规格:0.1ml(浓缩型),1ml(浓缩型),7ml(即用型),其中0.1ml抗体大部分价格在1700元以下。进口的质量,比其他进口抗体更具优势的价格及放心的售后服务,Spring Bioscience抗体是您的*优选择。

Spring Bioscience是雌激素受体SP1克隆抗体(Cat#M3014)的研发者及砖利拥有者。

Spring Bioscience是一家专注于组织病理学和免疫组化的生物技术公司,它有大量IHC的兔单克隆抗体,同时也是将这些抗体引入市场的公司之一,所有SP克隆抗体都是Spring Bioscience设计生产的,SP克隆抗体凭借其高亲和性、灵敏度及特异性一直是同类免疫组化产品中*好的,多年以来Spring Bioscience的SP克隆抗体在实验室获得黄金标准的美誉。

Spring Bioscience是专给全球诸多国际知名品牌代工的全球性公司之一,它的一抗有三种规格:0.1ml(浓缩型),1ml(浓缩型),7ml(型),其中0.1ml抗体大部分报价在1600元左右。进口的质量、比其他进口抗体更具优势的价格及放心的售后服务, Spring抗体是您的不二之选。

spring bioscience丝氨酸/苏氨酸蛋白激酶B-RAF(BRAF)是Raf家族的一员。 BRAF突变在良性和恶性肿瘤是常见的。 BRAF改变和突变诱导激活段的构象变化中BRAF V600E突变占绝大多数,导致组成型激酶活性的BRAF的和下游目标连续的磷酸化。已在黑色素瘤,甲状腺**状癌,多形性xanthoastrocytomas,朗格汉斯细胞组织细胞增生症,卵巢交界性肿瘤,节细胞胶质瘤,结直肠癌,毛细胞型星形细胞瘤检测到BRAF V600E突变。


TechnologyMouse Monoclonal

Clone NameVE1

ApplicationIHC-P, WB

Species Reactivity


Predicted by homology

IsotypeMouse IgG2a

ImmunogenSynthetic peptide representing the BRAF V600E mutated amino acid sequence from amino acid 596 to 606 (GLATEKSRWSG)

Cellular LocalizationCytoplasm

Control TissueColon Carcinoma with BRAF V600E mutation

Regulatory RatingResearch Use Only (RUO)


Storage Requirement2-8°C

Target Molecular Weight95 kDa

FormulationRefer to Data Sheet

Catalog No. Volume Dilution

E19290 0.1ml 50

E19292 0.5ml 50

E19294 1.0ml 50

Our family of companies and history

Spring Bioscience Corporation (Spring) develops and manufactures rabbit monoclonal antibodies designed for use in IHC. Founded by scientists with a primary focus on IHC, Spring has developed a proprietary antibody menu of highly-sensitive “SP” clones that yield specificity and consistency for use in research. Spring was acquired by Ventana Medical Systems, Inc. (Ventana) in 2007 for its strong development capabilities, and shortly thereafter Ventana was acquired by Roche. Today Spring serves as the antibody center of excellence for all of Roche Tissue Diagnostics.

Our approach

Spring utilizes a diverse knowledge base for design input and keeps a strong focus on IHC throughout the entire antibody development process enabling us to deliver highly-defined and consistent SP clones. Spring’s pipeline focuses on novel targets requiring an exceptional understanding of biomarkers in order to deliver specificity. We collaborate with pharma partners and industry key opinion leaders for insights about specific biomarkers, and perform extensive research and evaluation to develop antibodies that bind appropriate biomarker sequences.

Commitment to quality

We are an ISO 9001:2015 certified company, with a focus on our commitment to product quality and continuous improvement.? Additionally, our reputation of collaboration with strategic partners, including those with affiliates such as Roche Diagnostics and Genentech, and with our research customers speaks to our dedication to advancing the industry as a whole.

Our technology

Spring uses proprietary recombinant technology to develop best-in-class rabbit monoclonal antibodies. Our technology ensures efficient scaling of manufacturing, lot to lot consistency, and reproducibility.


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